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10,000+ parents rely on Synthesis to mentor their kids

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Mastering math

Tailored feedback

Critical thinking


Mastering math
Tailored feedback
Critical thinking

Learning Apps & In-Person Tutor

Mastering math
Tailored feedback
Critical thinking
Your child is capable of so much
more than school expects of them.
Free trial
Available for ages 5-11

The Power of Numbers

Notches on bones. Egyptian hieroglyphics. Computer code. How humanity went from living in caves to exploring Mars through the power of numbers.

Arithmetic Properties

Squares, triangles, addition, multiplication, and more. How to use shapes to make mental math both natural and intuitive.

Algebraic Thinking

What to do when you don’t have all the information. How to reason, generalize, and find patterns when facing unknown facts.

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The Davis Family
“It’s hard to find curriculum that teaches kids to be critical thinkers, but with Synthesis, I’ve been blown away.
The Snider Family
"I heard my daughter giggling when she tried the demo. She finished it in one sitting! That's the most engagement I had seen in her with any math subject ever."

The Maydaniuk Family
“We were always trying to find the education our son needed to thrive, and Synthesis has been revolutionary.

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Education is too important to leave to school.

Using advanced teaching techniques and progress in AI, parents no longer have to. Synthesis Tutor does what school was supposed to: Show your kids that they can learn anything, and that every "boring" topic is fascinating when taught well.

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By embedding our expertise into Synthesis Tutor, every topic is now approachable to your kids—with an infinitely patient tutor who wants nothing more than for them to succeed.