Elon Musk built a revolutionary private school for the kids of SpaceX rocket scientists.

That school was built by Josh, our founder. That same cutting-edge education is what Synthesis gives to kids around the world: Team strategy games that supercharge your child's critical thinking and helps them become brilliant.
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10,000+ parents trust Synthesis. School teaches kids facts. We teach strategies. How? With games that get kids to take learning very seriously—to win. Think online strategy games to overcome real-world problems. The result? Your child begins sounding like an adult. They build confidence in communication. They become smarter.

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This isn't Roblox.
This is real-life communication and teamwork skills.

Sessions two times per week

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Synthesis Teams
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Sessions two times per week

Found and defend the greatest intergalactic colony with your team.
7am - 10am
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3pm - 6pm
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Modern education is letting children down.

School alone is not enough

School is boring and teaches rote facts. Synthesis uses collaborative games to teach problem-solving.

A better mentality for kids

Our games turn kids into confident decision-makers and communicators with the methods designed at SpaceX.

Fun, yes, but rigorous

Our games are fun enough for children, but rigorous enough for parents to see learning outcomes they care about.

Strategic Thinking



Taking Risks



Fast Execution


Games designed for kids who crave a challenge.


Found and defend the greatest intergalactic colony with your team.

Expert-level teamwork

Learn to coordinate action, delegate tasks, and execute lighting-fast strategy


Design the strongest network of star constellations.

Navigate complexity

Figure out how to make sense of chaos and turn mayhem into wild success.


Score the most points in a hyper-fast, futuristic sport.

Foundations of communication

Master the basics of team communication in a game where everyone can get involved.


Create the most prosperous city-state in ancient Greece.

Confident decision-making

Learn to allocate resources and negotiate priorities under pressure.

The smartest kids in the world learn using Synthesis.

Unlock your child’s hidden abilities

Elon Musk created a private school for his children—called Ad Astra. It was quietly built inside the SpaceX campus, and it was nearly impossible to get your own child into.

Its goal was to reimagine education to see (1) if kids' intellectual development could be exponentially sped up and (2) if kids would actually want to go to school.

It worked.

Its founder and curriculum designer, Joshua Dahn, is my co-founder at Synthesis. We've improved upon the brilliant games used to help SpaceX kids become strategic decision-makers at a young age.

Now your kids can play these games too.

You'll be surprised by the adult-level conversations your children will have with Synthesis. Kids will discuss game theory, complexity science, everyday financial planning, and more.

Kids were always capable of this. But schools don't push them enough. Here's the Synthesis approach: Fun thinking games where kids make friends from around the world while learning critical problem-solving strategies that prepare them for the real world.

We parents had to face the realities of post-college life to recognize how much school failed to teach us about problem-solving. Synthesis fixes that.

Synthesis unlocks your child's confidence in their communication and their intellectual abilities to prepare them for life, school, and science. Thousands of parents—whose testimonials line this page—will tell you their stories of awe.

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Strategic Thinking

Where to play, how to win, and the best way to create a competitive advantage.

Complex Problem-Solving

What to do when you face an intractable challenge that seems impossible to solve.

Navigating Uncertainty

How to test assumptions and validate ideas when you don’t have all the information.

Lightning-Fast Execution

Take action when you only have seconds to decide, plan, and enact your tactics.


Establish trust, identify strengths, and coordinate action to create a high-performing team. 


Unleash your own voice—and draw out the best in others so high-quality ideas get heard. 

Effective Tradeoffs

Surface your either-or options and transform them into win-win solutions.

Taking Risks

Evaluate your biggest risks, cap your downsides, and angle for the greatest reward.

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Level up your child's problem-solving.

Team games that challenge children to think strategically.
They'll collaborate with like-minded kids worldwide.
Live moderation. On-demand support.
Only $95 $29 for your first month
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Your child is capable of so much more than school expects of them.
“Synthesis is magical. You see your kids come alive."
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