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10,000+ parents rely on Synthesis to mentor their kids

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Learning Apps

More games than learning
Focus on calculations, not understanding
Kids get bored quickly

In-Person Tutor

Inconsistent quality
Expensive, hard to schedule
Not fun
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Available for ages 5-11
Your child is capable of so much more than school expects of them.
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The Power of Numbers

Notches on bones. Egyptian hieroglyphics. Computer code. How humanity went from living in caves to exploring Mars through the power of numbers.

Arithmetic Properties

Squares, triangles, addition, multiplication, and more. How to use shapes to make mental math both natural and intuitive.

Algebraic Thinking

What to do when you don’t have all the information. How to reason, generalize, and find patterns when facing unknown facts.

Build foundations in these topics

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The smartest kids in the world learn using Synthesis.

Unlock your child’s hidden abilities

Education is too important to leave to school.

Using advanced teaching techniques and progress in AI, parents no longer have to. Synthesis Tutor does what school was supposed to: Show your kids that they can learn anything, and that every "boring" topic is fascinating when taught well.

Synthesis Tutor
Better than the top

Synthesis Tutor is not ChatGPT, but something more effective and personalized. It's custom-built with decades of DARPA research, and it's proven across thousands of children.

The last two years at Synthesis showed that we're better than anyone at how to teach advanced concepts to children. We focus on concepts and strategy—not rote facts. We prepare children to think for themselves and to navigate complex situations.

Traditional school does not do this.

By embedding our expertise into Synthesis Tutor, every topic is now approachable to your kids—with an infinitely patient tutor who wants nothing more than for them to succeed.

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Your child's superhuman tutor.

Kids don’t need to learn math the confusing and boring way we did. There's no need to pass that trauma onto them. Synthesis Tutor helps children build a healthy relationship with science, showing them that even the “hardest” subjects are approachable. This instills confidence that they can learn anything—so they remain forever ambitious.
Give your child an unmatched, cutting-edge education
They'll learn key concepts in childhood math
It's actually fun—kids love it
Starting at $29 per month
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Available for ages 5-11
Your child is capable of so much more than school expects of them.