Synthesis pricing

Explore an educational experience that gives your child the real world collaborative skills they need to thrive.

Tuition rates

Reservation: $127 USD
One-time payment to secure your child's spot on the reservation list.
Tuition: $180 USD/month
Billed monthly when your child’s cohort begins.

Enroll TOday

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Weekly cohorts

As a team, play simulations that stretch your thinking.

Global community

Develop relationships with kids from around the world.

Annual tournaments

Compete with peers from the Synthesis community.

Open play sessions

Join others who want more than one weekly session.

Simulations for life

Practice critical thinking, collaboration and adaptability.

Clubs and activities

Hone skills based on student and teacher interests.


When will my child's classes begin?

As a competitive program, our average reservation wait time is three months, but don’t worry—your reservation payment guarantees your child’s place. On the 10th of each month, we send enrollment invitations via email to the parents that are next in line on the reservation list. Enrollment remains open until the cohorts are full.

How many students are in each cohort?

To cultivate a collaborative environment, we keep our classes small. Your child will join a cohort of 15-18 kids with a dedicated teacher and assistant to monitor their progress.

What does tuition include?

Gameplay, personal reflections, and access to a global Synthesis community. When your cohort begins, your child will join their home team once a week to collaborate and play simulations together. We also offer weekly student free-play sessions for enrolled students who have to miss a class, or who just need more Synthesis in their lives. Look for seasonal tournaments and other competitions throughout the year—and don't forget about our Parent Orientation Play Sessions, where you can experience the challenge of Synthesis for yourself.

How long does Synthesis last?

As long as you want. The skills your child builds in Synthesis continually strengthen as they progress through the program and reach higher and higher levels of achievement. To build the best foundation, we recommend staying in Synthesis for at least three months.

What are your teachers' qualifications?

Our teachers are also engineers, astrophysicists and biologists—and because we aim to deliver an outstanding learning experience, we put a lot of effort into bringing in only the most qualified people. We currently accept 4-6% of teaching applicants.

Is there a risk-free trial?

Yes! Try your first month of Synthesis risk-free. If you decide it’s not the right fit for your child, you’re eligible for a full refund of the first month's tuition up to the beginning of the third session, no questions asked. Just email us at (Registration is not refundable.)


“When they go to play that game, they’re free to think. Yes, still there’s a framework, but nobody is saying ‘Hey, by the end of this session, if you don’t connect 50 dots, then you’re wrong.’ That stifles the spark.”

Subhakanta Nanda

Parent of darsh

"We’ve had really good experiences. I’ve noticed recently the way that my son interacts with adults is more confident. He’s more willing to express himself. He feels safe in this environment to be who he is."

Julz McGuire

PARENT of Liam

"My son is expressing complex economics, complex business decisions. I have seen him grow dramatically in his capabilities to operate in a group setting as a result of the games at Synthesis. No question."

Kent Langley

Parent of landon