Life is complex and uncertain. Our pricing isn't.

Synthesis subscription:

$180 USD/month

Synthesis tuition: $180 USD/month

If you want your child to master the skills to thrive in this world, and have fun in the process, this program is for you.
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Weekly cohorts

As a team, play simulations that stretch your thinking.

Global community

Develop relationships with kids from around the world.

Annual tournaments

Compete with peers from the broader Synthesis community.

Open play sessions

Join others who want more than one weekly session.

Simulations for life

Practice critical thinking, collaboration and adaptability.

Clubs and activities

Hone skills based on student and teacher interests.

TEACH A generation of supercollaborators

generation of supercollaborators

Guide the discussions that will help shape young problem solvers around the world as a teacher at Synthesis.

Our best applicants never stop learning

Set your application apart and dive deeper into our work here at Synthesis by attending a Q&A session with our team.

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Why Choose Synthesis?

CHOOSE your schedule

Tell us your availability. We'll give you a reliable schedule, up to 10 hours/week. Starting at $50/hour.

teach problem solvers

In your day-to-day, you'll guide students through complex simulation games and facilitate discussions that will someday change the world.

love what you do

You'll join a team of fascinating people. Our teachers are also chess masters, wilderness trainers, theater directors, and more.


The world’s most valuable skill is the ability to solve complex problems with a team. It’s the core of everything we teach at Synthesis.



What is your application process?

Start by filling out your application. If you’re selected, we’ll invite you to experience a Synthesis simulation for yourself—and see how you stack up against our students! Our final step will consist of a follow-up interview before an offer is extended. We aim to complete this process within two weeks.

When should I expect to hear back?

We do our very best to review and respond to all candidates within one week of application.

My degree isn’t in education. Can I still apply?

Absolutely. Synthesis is a global team of creators, innovators, and engineers—but our teachers are more than educators. They're also coaches, chess masters, wilderness trainers, and theater directors. Parents, police officers, and PhDs, too. You’re in good company.