Life is complex and uncertain. Our pricing isn't.

Synthesis subscription:

$180 USD/month

Synthesis tuition: $180 USD/month

If you want your child to master the skills to thrive in this world, and have fun in the process, this program is for you.
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Weekly cohorts

As a team, play simulations that stretch your thinking.

Global community

Develop relationships with kids from around the world.

Annual tournaments

Compete with peers from the broader Synthesis community.

Open play sessions

Join others who want more than one weekly session.

Simulations for life

Practice critical thinking, collaboration and adaptability.

Clubs and activities

Hone skills based on student and teacher interests.

Cultivate A generation of supercollaborators

How do we make the future better than the present?

The highest leverage tactic is to focus on childhood education. That’s what we’re doing at Synthesis. Specifically, our mission is to cultivate a generation of supercollaborators—the kind of people who can work together to solve our civilization’s most challenging problems.

We’re looking for people with exceptional intelligence, work ethic, and integrity to join us.


There are no job openings at the moment.

Secret Project

Content Developer

Game Studio

2D Game Artist/Animator
Remote (N./S. American Timezones)
2D Game Artist / Animator
Remote (North/South American Timezones)
Game Content Designer
Remote (U.S. Timezones)
Online Game Programmer
Remote (U.S. Timezones)
Senior Online Game Programmer
Remote (U.S. Timezones)


Engineer (Front-End)
Sr Simulation Engineer


We teach the world’s most valuable skill: the ability to solve complex problems with a team.


Our Present Objectives

We need to scale faster
Our waitlist is growing faster than our capacity to admit students. We need the technology and processes to scale so that we can make Synthesis affordable for more families—but we’re unwilling to sacrifice quality to improve quantity.
We’re reaching a critical mass of the world’s most ambitious problem solvers—and they crave challenges. We need to create more challenging simulations, powerful teaching tools, and a rigorous curriculum for a worthy experience.

On our team, you’ll be given high levels of ownership, independence, and trust. You’ll wear a lot of hats and have an unparalled opportunity to grow alongside us.

Who Thrives at Synthesis


You bring immense knowledge and enjoy learning what you don’t know.


You take ownership, but you know great things aren’t built without a force of great team players.


You seek out problems and solve them. If you like to be told what to do, Synthesis isn’t a good fit.