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Synthesis Progression puts your child in the pilot's seat

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Student-led learning is the way of the future and the next phase of Synthesis.

In Progression, your child chooses when, what, and how to play—with no age limits on progress. Progression unlocks on-demand play with thousands of kids, special events, and new levels—all included in your membership.

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From fixed to flexible learning

Your child begins their Synthesis journey in Foundation, where they learn vital communication and critical thinking skills that will prepare them for the next phase—Progression.

In Progression, your child will teach themselves:


To speak their convictions with clarity, confidence, and power, while still allowing other voices to be heard.


To take responsibility for what is, while transforming what can be.


To face challenges head-on and make strategic decisions to move forward in the best way possible.


To synergize the individual strengths of a team to achieve profound results, together.

Foundation prepares your child for launch.

In Progression, they’ll pilot the ship that carries them into orbit.

What changes in Progression

When your child moves from Foundation to Progression, their learning will evolve.

Here’s how:

Your child has more control.

They can choose what and when they play, connect with thousands of kids regardless of age, and find answers to their questions in the community.

Expand beyond the home cohort.

They can opt to stay in their Home Cohort, join another, and attend additional sessions and community events to play with new kids and teachers.

Play in a style that suits them.

They can choose between play styles–competitive, collaborative, and intensive–for any simulation, to tailor their learning experience.

Master skills + advance to higher levels.

They can move to Alpha, Gamma, and Omega levels, with each unlocking new opportunities and special events.

The Orbital Path

Your child will start in open sessions. Here's how Progression works:


Attend new community events and choose from competitive, collaborative, intensive play styles.


Earn new badges that showcase mastery of each simulation and unlock ranked game play, tournaments, and invitation-only events.


[In development] Advance to the next level by earning enough Alpha badges and gain access to new challenges and programming.


[In development] Move into the highest and most aspiration level of Synthesis yet, where students become part of the Synthesis team.

Choose an adventure.
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In Open, your child will be immersed in the Synthesis universe, meet new friends, and apply problem-solving skills in new contexts. While they will continue to meet with their home cohort, they'll also have opportunities to play new session styles and attend community events.

Competitive Game Play Sessions

Designed to hone your child’s skills as they work in direct competition with students from all levels of Synthesis.

Collaborative Game Play Sessions

Designed to sharpen your child’s collaboration skills as they work to solve a unifying problem with a large and diverse team.

Intensive Game Play Sessions

Designed to bring out the inner strategist in your child as they work to solve more complex conundrums. Experience with the game is required to enter an Intensive.

Community Events

Designed to bring kids together outside of cohort play, these events range from guest speakers, supplemental classes, and more.

Taking learning to new levels

Your child's journey in Progression will be one of continual momentum that prepares them to shape and define their future.

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