June 1, 2023 • 5 min read • Monthly Brief  • Ethical Decision-Making
Synthesis Teams

Some decisions are easy. Most of them are not.

And when our choices are enmeshed with our personal value systems, making collaborative decisions is tough. Yet, as an international community of problem-solvers, we want Synthesis students to be able to navigate this terrain, to practice the skill of Ethical Decision-Making, and to see it as an essential part of the collaborative process. This month, we do exactly that.
What's coming up:
Week 1: Inversion
Is there a difference between “achieving success” and “avoiding failure?” This session looks at problems from the opposite point of view to help students clarify the problem.
Week 2: The Larger Picture
The experiences in this session surface the conflict between narrow perspectives and wide perspectives, helping students consider multiple solutions in the game and on their teams.
Week 3: Evaluating Alternatives
A general introduction to the complexity of ethics. No answers, just questions, games, and discussions.
Week 4: Fairness
What happens when winning and losing is only part of the objective? In this session, students apply different approaches to fairness through interplanetary gameplay.
Life’s problems aren’t black and white.
And neither are Synthesis games. This month, we’ve intentionally designed our scenarios to pose difficult philosophical questions. By spending time in the “gray areas” of problems, your students get a triple benefit: 1) exploring their own perspectives; 2) understanding the diverse views of their teammates; and 3) working through a decision-making process they can return to.
What you can do:
Decision-making is an ongoing practice. For additional parent resources and discussion starters, visit our Ethical Decision-Making: Continuing the Conversation With Your Student page.
Additional student opportunities
June’s student calendar will also feature new, 30-minute sessions: Intensives. These discussion-based, student-led environments will explore case studies, dilemmas, and conundrums. Teachers will be on hand to moderate if needed, but the conversations belong to the kids.
You can also join us for parent events:
  • Webinar: June 5th. We’ll walk you through the activities for each week and answer questions. Register here
  • Sample Classes: June 12th & June 15th. Meet other parents and experience some of the games and activities used in this month’s classes. Register here
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