Math Content Developer

Content, Full-time, Remote

Description of the role

The Synthesis Tutor is unique and unlike any other teaching or content platform. We use a combination of interactive audio-visual elements and a chat interface to teach students from first principles, while also surfacing potential misconceptions and correcting them. The dynamic between the chat and our custom interactive digital math manipulatives, which we refer to as widgets, is the key learning experience in the Tutor and separates it from any other edTech software.

As a Math Content Developer, you will be responsible for developing original interactive lessons, games, and puzzles for the Synthesis Tutor platform, with a primary focus on elementary math subjects.

Check out an example lesson in the Synthesis Tutor here.

Requisite skills

  • You demonstrate deep conceptual and technical understanding of elementary math concepts and/or the ability to acquire them quickly
  • You are creative with the ability to develop engaging, interactive math lessons, games, and activities. You have a “show, don’t tell” attitude.
  • You can break down math concepts into a logical teaching progression with explanatory ability and attention to detail. You have a high degree of precision in both language and conceptual clarity.
  • You have clarity in technical thinking that can border on pedantry while still maintaining the ability to phrase things informally and colloquially to make them digestible for students.
  • You can probe for and reveal potential misconceptions with carefully crafted questions and scenarios. When misunderstandings are identified, you have a plan of action to clarify through student-driven interactions and visualizations, not simply verbal instruction.
  • You can conceptualize interactive elements that will be used as the core teaching component in the Tutor. You can communicate the technical needs to engineers so they can build these elements, which we call widgets — our custom digital math manipulatives. Being precise on widget design and constraints is crucial to the work.
  • You can hook students into a lesson and manage attention throughout. You have “cognitive empathy” and understand when a child’s attention is spread too thin. You can direct that attention to the appropriate bite-sized realizations that compound into “a-ha moments.”
  • You can code some basic JavaScript and you are willing to learn how to do it better. The job involves interfacing directly with our content API, so you will be in the code every day.
  • You fall somewhere between a software developer with good communication skills and someone who excels at teaching with some coding experience.

Preferred skills

  • Experience developing generative algorithms and formulas to dynamically create math questions/problems with variations
  • Coding experience is preferred but not strictly required (but willingness to pick it up rapidly is essential in this case)
  • Ability to explain concepts to the uninitiated

Does this sound like you?

  • This role is highly generative. We are looking for people with perspective and an opinion but with the understanding that good ideas emerge best from an organic process. You can change your mind quickly and you have the judgment to know when something works and when it does not.
  • This role requires a large amount of synchronous, creative brainstorming, collaboration, and iteration. Sometimes you will need to begin your entire process from scratch. You can handle these situations with grace and maintain your motivation to start over with a new approach.
  • Ideas at Synthesis are always open to criticism from anyone, in any role. We welcome this. The best ideas are born out of [sometimes harsh] conjecture and criticism. You’ll need to have thick skin.
  • We’re pushing the boundaries in many areas. You’ll need to be resourceful. You’re not deterred by minor setbacks and are able to swiftly overcome ambiguity. You thrive in the high stakes and fast pace of a start-up environment. You are a self-starter.
  • The Synthesis Tutor demands a holistic development process that involves incessant iterative cycles in which one is transitioning frequently between writing code, running and refining pieces of content, and working with frontend engineers to refine and develop new interactive audiovisual elements. You can wear many hats and context switch when appropriate.
  • You have an aesthetic and can adopt a “yes and” collaborative attitude when appropriate. You have a builder’s attitude. You are not prone to analysis paralysis. You would rather build and see vs. pondering.
  • You will work closely alongside a team of other Content Developers who will be responsible for their own specific material. You will also work with a group of Frontend Engineers who will build widgets per your requests. This is highly collaborative work and you will engage with other members of the team frequently for cross-fertilization of ideas, critical feedback, etc.
  • Most importantly, you treat your work like a craft. You cannot stop yourself from trying to refine and improve your craft.

Trial Contract Period

This is a unique and idiosyncratic role. It is hard to predict who will thrive in this position. Consistent with our development process, it is best to build and see.

For that reason, this role will begin as a contract position for 20-40 hours per week at $50/hour.

If the contract period goes well, you will be offered a full-time position with starting salary ranging between $80,000 - $120,000.

To apply, send us your resume and an example of your creative output. It could be a 5-minute video of you teaching an interesting concept, it could be a cool app you’ve built, it could be a song or short story you’ve written, or something else entirely. We are looking for creators and builders — show us what you’ve got!


Compensation & Benefits for full-time employees.

  • Purely remote team, US Timezone aligned
  • Competitive compensation (benchmarked to California regardless of location)
  • Meaningful equity (including optional early exercise)
  • 100% covered health insurance for you & your dependents (including medical, dental, and vision)
  • 401(k) plan with company matching
  • Flexible time off
  • Flexible parental leave
  • Some benefits (such as medical and 401k) apply to US employees only.
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