Frontend Software Engineer

Software Engineering, Full-time, Remote

Description of the role

Synthesis is making a statement in education by building a superhuman tutor.

We’re looking for a frontend software engineer to join the Tutor content team. This is a critical-path team responsible for building the core of our product: our engaging, interactive, content. Specifically, you’ll be building “Widgets”, which are highly interactive parts of the Tutor lessons. Think digital math manipulatives. Building content is a deeply collaborative process between the content authors, developers and widget engineers. It requires a high degree of creativity, resourcefulness, patience and flexibility. You’ll dive deep into how we currently work and help us optimize it as you grow into your role. We’re just starting to ramp up the product, so joining us now means a LOT of influence on the future of the product. Given that, we expect a broad set of skills — both interpersonal skills and technical skills. For this role we’re looking for someone with several years of experience working in fast-paced, growth-mode environments creating interactive products and applications.

Check out an example lesson in the Synthesis Tutor here.

Why is building Synthesis Tutor special:

  • We are building the world’s best Digital Tutor. We create deep, meaningful learning experiences that accelerate math learning for kids.
  • We are a team of super-collaborators. Building the learning experiences is a highly collaborative process.
  • We are a fast-moving team. We launch new concepts rapidly and iterate on the content after seeing it in action with our users.
  • Witnessing our students’ attitude towards math transform within a few tutor sessions is an absolute joy.

Technical Skill Requirements:

  • At least 2 years of functional React experience (including custom hooks).
  • Strong CSS skills, preferably including Tailwind and Framer Motion.
  • Fluent with Typescript
  • Fluent with Git
  • Ability to design and build visually appealing and intuitive experiences.

Soft Skill Requirements:

  • This role requires a large amount of synchronous, creative brainstorming and iteration. Sometimes you’ll build a widget only to figure out once prototyped that it was the wrong approach. You’ll need to handle these situations with grace and maintain your motivation to start over with a new approach.
  • Ideas at Synthesis are always open to criticism from anyone, in any role. We welcome this. The best ideas are born out of [sometimes harsh] conjecture and criticism. You’ll need to have thick skin.
  • We’re pushing the boundaries in many areas. You’ll need to be resourceful.
  • We have two customers: the children using the Tutor and their parents. Understanding the needs of both is critical to building a winning product.

If you are interested in this position and have a passion for learning and creating educational content, please apply with your resume and portfolio of previous work. We look forward to hearing from you!


Compensation & Benefits

  • Purely remote team, US Timezone aligned
  • Competitive compensation (benchmarked to California regardless of location)
  • Meaningful equity (including optional early exercise)
  • 100% covered health insurance for you & your dependents (including medical, dental, vision)
  • 401(k) plan with company matching
  • Flexible time off
  • Flexible parental leave
  • Some benefits (such as medical and 401k) apply to US employees only.
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