Where kids become super-collaborators,
one game at a time.

Team thinking games that turn kids into effective decision-makers and communicators. Made by the creator of Ad Astra School at SpaceX.

Team thinking games

Your child will learn through a game-based curriculum. The games surface difficult decisions that require intense collaboration between students.


Collaborate with your team to build the strongest network of connections between nodes.


Band together with a team to explore space, stake territory, and gather resources.


Coordinate with teammates to score the most points in a futuristic match off.


Govern an ancient Greek city-state with a senate of peers by solving problems in your district.

Classes led by dedicated teachers

Every week your child will join a class to work alongside peers from around the world. Together, they’ll engage in intense practice, reflection, and discussion under the guidance of two expert teachers.

Small teams, big community

Bond in small teams, tackling game-based challenges and real-world problems. Share ideas with a consistent weekly group mentored by a teacher.

Active learning

Teachers use a game-based approach so students develop their voice and self-confidence through active learning.

Ownership + mastery

We design the classes to help students develop their intuitions and give them practice making consequential decisions as a team.

Deep dives into real-world concepts

In their weekly classes, students play games to explore important concepts about how the world works that schools largely ignore.

Team dynamics

How people form high-functioning teams that are greater than the sum of their parts


How to make wise choices by managing the possibility of suffering substantial loss

Complex systems

How to interact with systems that have many interconnected relationships

First principles

How to create superior results by breaking down a problem into its components


How to work with other people to create win-win outcomes for all parties


How to anticipate the consequences of your actions by mapping the possible downstream effects

Play on Wednesdays & Saturdays

Students test their skills by putting everything they learned that week into action. They join pickup games in an open format where they’re in the driver’s seat.

Wednesdays 3-5pm & Saturdays 8-11am PT

Students start when they want, and play for as long as they want. They’re automatically paired with a team, given a warm-up exercise, and placed right into a game.

Self-driven discovery

After each game, students reflect on their experience and identify strengths and areas for growth, turning play into personal insight.

Adult supervision

Teachers monitor the games live and are readily available to resolve any social or technical issues that may arise.

Note: New students must first complete our 13-week orientation program before they can join Play on Saturdays.

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$180 monthly tuition

  • Now accepting students ages 8-14.
  • Classes available between 3pm and 5pm (PT) on weekdays and between 7am and 10am (PT) on Saturdays.
  • New students start in Foundation, our 13-week orientation program.
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Kylie, 12

Kylie and her three siblings lead busy lives, like most homeschoolers.

Kylie’s story

Ali, 9

Ali wasn’t challenged in traditional schools. At Synthesis, he’s found his voice.

Ali's story

Maxwell, 9

Maxwell has big dreams he can’t accomplish alone. At Synthesis, he’s found his people.

Maxwell’s story

In 2014, Elon Musk asked me to start an experimental school with him at SpaceX.

The goal was to develop students who are enthralled by complexity and solving for the unknown.

Synthesis is the most innovative learning experience from that school. It is designed to cultivate student voice, strategic thinking, and collaborative problem solving.

I believe Synthesis builds these skills like no other education experience.

Until recently, Synthesis was only available to a handful of SpaceX families. Today, our community is worldwide and growing quickly. Excited for you to be a part of it.