From Ad Astra School to Synthesis–Helping kids solve problems together

Born at SpaceX, Synthesis is the most innovative learning experience on the planet (at least on this one). Real-world games paired with mental models—so kids can carry what they learn into life. Ages 6-14.
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How Synthesis Started

Six years ago, Elon Musk walked into a parent-teacher conference to meet with his child's teacher, Josh Dahn. Elon asked Josh a life-changing question: would he start an experimental school at SpaceX to transform learning as we know it?

Josh agreed and under Elon’s directive created Ad Astra School.

At Ad Astra, there were no grade levels or age segregation. Kids learned to solve problems with their classmates instead of memorizing information and taking tests. The most popular class was Synthesis.

In this class, kids played games that challenged them to solve real-world conundrums that pushed their thinking to new levels. The kids were obsessed and the parents wanted more. When Chrisman Frank, then the first engineer at ClassDojo, visited Ad Astra in 2017, he saw kids buzzing with excitement about Synthesis–something he rarely saw in school. He knew he had to find a way to bring the experience to every child.

In November 2020, Josh and Chrisman launched Synthesis as a subscription service and the education company of the future.

The Skills to Invent the Future Aren't Taught in School

Collaborate with new friends

Every week, your child will meet with a cohort of 15-18 students over video. Their facilitator will break them off into groups to start the game. Your child will work with their team to figure out the rules of the game and how to win.

Embrace the chaos

The games are fast, complex, and constantly changing. Your child will get good at communicating, helping their teammates, and debating strategies–fast.

Test Your Assumptions

No adult will tell your child the rules. They’ll need to experiment to make sense of the games by trying different tactics, testing their ideas, and devising crazy new ways to win.

Expect Course Corrections

At Synthesis, the kids who win make more mistakes faster than everyone else. It’s the only way to learn! Your child will need to leave perfectionism at the door.

Reflect to Grow

Your child will take what they learn in the games and relate those lessons to their lives. This makes their insights meaningful, so it’s easier to remember and apply them later.

No Speed Limit

As your child gets better at the games, they can move into cohorts with higher difficulty levels. They’ll never lack a challenge at Synthesis.

Give Your Child’s Learning a Boost

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Synthesis Transforms Kids

BEFORE SYNTHESIS: Kids aren’t challenged.They are talked at. They get bored and zone out. It’s hard for them to remember and apply what was learned.

AFTER SYNTHESIS: Kids are engaged.They can communicate more effectively, test assumptions, learn from failure, and collaborate to solve problems.

Synthesis isn’t just different for the sake of being different. It’s powerful because kids want to come back. Here’s what they’ll do every week:


What Synthesis Parents Are Saying

“My son is expressing complex economics, complex business decisions. I have seen him grow dramatically in his capabilities to operate in a group setting as a result of the games at Synthesis. No question.”

Kent Langley

“It completely balanced his life. It’s like he found his tribe and his voice. He’s so happy and now understands what it means that the sky is the limit.”

Essmat Abbass

“When they go to play that game, they’re free to think. Yes, still there’s a framework, but nobody is saying ‘Hey, by the end of this session, if you don’t connect 50 dots, then you’re wrong.’ That stifles the spark.”

Subhakanta Nanda

Join us today…if your child is up for the challenge.

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Full refund if it's not for you (up to 2 sessions).

Common Questions

Are you a full-time school?

No. Synthesis is a weekly enrichment program for students who want to learn how to be innovative thinkers and problem solvers. It is extracurricular and students attend weekly one-hour sessions.

What are kids learning?

Our students are introduced to an array of intellectual concepts (e.g. network effect, contingent value) that arise throughout our simulations. Additionally, they practice critical thinking and improve their ability to collaborate with a diverse collection of peers.

How much is it?

Tuition is $180 USD/month.

Do you offer any  discounts?

Yes! We offer a sibling discount - each child beyond the first child receives a 20% discount.

How does the subscription work?

A subscription begins on the first day of class, and continues monthly at $180 until, or unless, you cancel.

If my child doesn't like it, can I get a refund?

Synthesis isn't for everyone. That's why we offer a full refund up to the beginning of the third session. No hassle, no questions asked.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Just let us know if you need/want to cancel. Simple as that. No advance notice, no strings attached.

What if I have more questions?

We'd be happy to answer them. Click here to chat now.

We'd be happy to answer them.

Click here to chat now.