Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a full-time school?

What are kids learning?

How does tuition work?

Why am I being asked to make a reservation?

Is the reservation fee refundable?

How long is the wait on the reservation list?

Do I have a guaranteed spot on the reservation list?

What is included with the monthly tuition?

Do you offer any kind of discounts?

Does my kid have to be a math genius?

What if my child doesn't like it? Can I get a refund?

Can my student switch cohorts for any reason?

What about kids older than 14?

What do you have for kids younger than 8?

Are there other simulations after Constellation?

Who are the facilitators? How are they screened?

Can a group of students join together?

Can my child stay with the same cohort going forward?

Will you be offering classes in different languages?

How do I cancel my tuition payments?

What kind of equipment does my student need to participate?

My child has only basic computer skills. Will that be a problem?

Can I observe my child's sessions?

How will I get feedback on my child's performance?

How is Synthesis going to evolve?

What is Discord? Can I advise my child to enter?

What is the Synthesis holiday schedule?